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Abbout Productions produces feature films and documentaries and supports Arabic-language movies with a distinctly Arab voice, expressing the identity of the region. The company was established in 1998 by...


The Valley by Ghassan Salhab receives a post-production grant from SANAD

16 May 2014

Abu Dhabi Film Festival's fund, SANAD, today announced the first cycle of grants for 2014 to support the development and post-production of several films by filmmakers from across the Arab world.

The Valley, directed by Ghassan Salhab has received a post-production...

Ladder To Damascus - Between dream and disaster

15 April 2014

On 4 March, unsettling news began to spread throughout Internet social forums. It was said that the Syrian filmmaker Mohammad Malas had been arrested on the Syrian-Lebanese border. He had been on his way to Beirut to fly from there to Geneva, where his latest film, "Ladder...


سيمون الهبر يواصل الإبحار في ذاكرة الحرب الأهلية

02 April 2012

بعد «سمعان بالضيعة»...

The Lebanese Rocket Society review NOW

15 April 2013

At the same time the US and the USSR were trying to send a man to the moon, this tiny Arab country was sending ‘Cedars' - entirely locally manufactured...

The Mountain by Ghassan Salhab at Metropolis Cinema Sofil

06 December 2011

The Mountain by Ghassan Salhab is showing at Metropolis Cinema Sofil until December 14th...

Lebanese Rocket Society - Critique Critikat

02 May 2013

Dans les années 1960, un groupe de scientifiques aurait construit et lancé une fusée au Liban, avant que le gouvernement n'intime...

Gate #5 theatrical release in Berlin

05 October 2012

Gate #5 will be released in Berlin cinemas starting October 9th

Gate #5 is a documentary directed by Simon El Habre

They were young, loved...

Documenting a world of many truths

18 May 2012

BEIRUT: Documentary is pervasive in Lebanon. Fledgling filmmakers the world over cut their teeth on documentary before moving on to feature-length...

الإنتاج السينمائي في لبنان مغامرات فردية بين فشل ونجاح

08 June 2012

People in Film: Mohamad Malas

16 August 2011

Mohamad Malas was born in 1945 and studied filmmaking in V.G.I.K. Moscow from 1969 to 1974. Soon after, he directed ‘Al Quneitra 74’ and...

Is documentary the ''new news''?

25 June 2012

SHEFFIELD (TrustMedia) - Thirty-two-year-old Lebanese director Nadim Mishlawi was at the Sheffield Doc/Fest last week, where he presented his documentary...

Stable Unstable and Ladder To Damascus at the 10th Dubai International Film Festival

19 November 2013

Stable Unstable by Mahmoud Hojeij will have its world premiere at the 10th Dubai International Film...