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Abbout Productions produces feature films and documentaries and supports Arabic-language movies with a distinctly Arab voice, expressing the identity of the region. The company was established in 1998 by...


Directors announced for Lebanon Factory

21 September 2016

After Taiwan, Nordic, Chile and South Africa, Lebanon Factory will open 2017 Directors Fortnight in Cannes with 4 short films cowritten and co-directed by 8 directors: 4 Lebanese and 4 foreign ones from Portugal, Costa Rica, Bosnia Herzegovina and France.

The Four...

Lebanon Factory - Call for volunteers

27 January 2017

After Taipei Factory 2013, Nordic Factory 2014, Chile Factory 2015 and South Africa Factory 2016, Fondation Liban Cinema, Abbout Productions,The Directors' Fortnight and DW, in partnership with IESAV, Ginger Beirut Productions, db studios...


La Vallée critique Les Inrocks

23 March 2016

Huis clos stylé autour d'un homme amnésique recueilli par des trafiquants de la plaine de la Bekaa, au Liban.
La Vallée...

Lebanese Rocket Society at the Toronto International Film Festival

15 August 2012

Lebanese Rocket Society by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige will be having its world premiere at the 2012 Toronto...

Pictures of Syrians in Crisis

09 September 2013

TORONTO: In large part, Mohamad Malas' "Ladder to Damascus" is what a casual observer might expect: a film about a country in crisis. Given the political...

Balle Perdue - Critique Clap Magazine

24 October 2011

Georges Hachem avait onze ans lorsque la guerre civile a éclaté au Liban. Des souvenirs qui piquent encore - même après vingt ans...

Stable Unstable - Production Video #1: Set Construction

13 January 2012

Shooting on Mahmoud Hojeij's Stable Unstable is underway.

Every week, we will be revealing more about the movie. This first Production Video...

'The Last Man:' 'becoming a ghost of himself'

26 September 2006

Somewhere in the sea wall separating Beirut from the Mediterranean, sewerage pipes protrude.

They disgorge the city's waste into the sea as the...

Georges Schoucair, quatre films en chantier

11 March 2013

Avec Abbout Productions, Georges Schoucair produit des longs-métrages de fiction et des documentaires en assumant le rôle de producteur...

Tramontane awarded the 22nd Rail D'Or Award

27 May 2016

After a great reception in Cannes during its Critics Week screening, Tramontane has been awarded the 22nd Rail D'Or Award, a prize that has been presented...

محمد ملص: الثورة ليست رقصاً على الجثث

10 January 2014


Ladder To Damascus at the Toronto International Film Festival

13 August 2013

Ladder To Damascus by Mohamad Malas will have its world premiere at the 2013 Toronto International Film...