Schortcut Films (“Schortcut”) is a company dedicated to financing and coproducing independent feature films. It was founded by Georges Schoucair, best known for producing some of the most critically acclaimed Lebanese films.

Schortcut’s aim is to support differentiated and ambitious independent films, which feature stories transcending boundaries and cultures, and are able to appeal to an internationally-wide audience while at the same time respond to an increasing demand for an alternative, engaging and stimulating cinema.

Building on the decade-long success of Schoucair’s production house, Abbout Productions (www.abboutproductions. com), Schortcut currently backs renowned producers and new talents in making diverse genre “author films” with imaginative scenarios and support them in finding the necessary funding for their productions, with a purpose of commercial success.


Schortcut’s objective is to identify and invest in high quality independent films, which, despite their limited production budgets, have potentially serious leads to being sold internationally and released worldwide.

Schortcut raises and invests funds on a “per movie” basis, thus giving investors the opportunity to decide whether or not to invest in a particular film. Funds raised by Schortcut are applied directly towards the production costs of targeted films.

Schortcut actively promotes its lms at international festivals and draws on its connections with sales agents and distributors to enhance such films’ commercial exposure.

By investing with Schortcut, investors will take advantage of:

• A wide network of contacts within the cinema industry and well established relationships with prominent and rising producers.

• Organized movie sourcing and financing.

• An extensive platform involving experienced professionals in entertainment content, from creation to exploitation to sale.

Targeted Films

When looking into a prospective investment, Schortcut thoroughly examines the originality of the film’s screenplay and synopsis, the film’s business plan and investment proposal, and the partners involved.

Feature films targeted are generally in their production or post-production phase. Occasionally, Schortcut invests in films which are in their development phase.